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Natural Treatment For Sunburn At Home

Summer is the funniest time of the year as you can enjoy long beach and golden sun, but there’s more chance that you may get caught by sunlight. Constant exposure with UV light from the sun can cause sunburn, which is known as darken areas around in your skin. In general, people even enjoy a little sun tan, but heavy sunburn may lead to skin cancer and ruin your beauty.

There are products that can help you fix this problem available or other way, you can make use of some ingredients in your house to treat sunburn. They are safe and effective:

1. Potatoes paste
Potato is the bleaching agent and soothing tool. It can reduce the appearance of  the dark area and relieve skin irritation caused by UV light thanks to its anti-inflammation. You can either make use of potato juice or directly apply on your skin.
• Slide one or two fresh potato into pieces.
• Blend the slices together using your blender.
• Extract the juice in a cup and dip a cotton ball into the juice.
• Directly apply onto your sunburn areas and leave it dry.
• Perform this every day until you find sunburn fade away.
2. Cold compress
Any skin irritation or swelling area could be calmed by the cold and sunburn is not an exception. This is the simplest way for instant relief. You can either use ice cubes or cold milk to provide the sunburn area with extra layers of protein.

• In a bowl of cold milk, dip a clean cloth or cotton ball.
• Rub the cloth on your affected areas.
• Leave it for a while and apply many times during the days.
3. Corn starch
Corn starch is sure available in your house and a great agent to relieve sunburn as it has silky texture. Along with that it can also get rid of redness and sun burn spots effectively with just a little effort. To have the best result, you should make a cool paste out of the corn starch and apply it on your affected are. Apply on a regular basis.
4. Water

Along with some remedies from the outside, you can also treat problem from the inside to have the best result. Sunburn dries your skin out, which is a sign of dehydration. The first way that you should think of is drinking water. This is definitely not something you should only do when you are suffering from sunburn, this is something that you should always bear in mind. Drinking 1 to 1.5 liters of water a day is highly recommended.
5. Mint and tea
Mint is a perfect soothing agent for any skin irritation or swelling area. Tea has tannic acid and theobromine can foster the healing process and fix any damaged skin ares.

• Mix 5 green tea bags with crushed mint leaves.
• Fill the mix with water then boil it for a while.
• Strain the liquid and leave it to cool down then dip a cloth into.
• Directly rub onto the affected areas.
6. Aloe vera
Aloe is one of the most age-old method to treat sunburn. The gel is packed with soothing and relieving properties and absolutely safe on your skin. Indulging yourself some aloe vera gel will give an instant relief.
7. Vinegar
The ingredient can be found anywhere and used for many purpose. For mild burn tissue, apple cider vinegar works the best.

Here’s how to apply:
• Dilute 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
• Dip a cloth into it then rub cloth on your affected areas.
• Leave it to dry and apply throughout the day.


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