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Effective Natural Hair Loss Remedies That You Can Try at Home

Natural remedies can address all the possible causes of hair loss and thinning of hair in men and women. These remedies side by side also promote good hair growth and hair health for which they are preferred over other medicines. Hair is found everywhere on human body except palms, hands and sole of the feet, loosing hair is also a normal process of the body which body replaces with a new hair, but disturbance in balance of hair production and loss of hair can cause baldness or frequent loss can decrease the health of hairs to cause thin hairs. Normally age, heredity, too much dandruff, lack of blood flow to the scalp, hormonal changes and stress are associated with hair loss.

Indian gooseberry or Amla is an old herb which has been used since old times for curing hair related problems and also for having good and healthy hair growth. Many natural remedies can be prepared using amla, like boiling pieces of dried amla with coconut oil till amla pieces turn black in color, this mixture can be used as oil for reducing hair loss. Amla and lemon juice can be mixed in equal quantities for washing hair which can remove even toughest dandruff off the scalp and reduce this problem. Amla is used in preparing an extremely effective natural shampoo by mixing 100 grams each of amla, soap nut and shikakai in two liters of water, this mixture is boiled for half an hour on a low flame and later can be used as shampoo for one month for all round hair treatment.

Another effective natural remedy for preventing loss of hair is made by grinding fenugreek seeds with water, before applying this mixture oil your hair either with coconut oil or with castor oil, later apply this paste and allow it to stay for half an hour. Later wash it with normal water, using this remedy for one month regularly is extremely good for curing hair loss. Massaging scalp with one gram of black pepper powder mixed with 100 gram of fresh curd once in a week is also good remedy for healthy scalp which prevents hair loss. Using herbal hair oil which contains vitamin E is very good for preventing hair loss. Massaging scalp with lime juice mixed with coconut oil two to three times in a week and washing hair with a paste of cooked black beans and fenugreek seeds 2-3 times a week are also good natural remedies for hair loss.

Consume more green leafy vegetables in the diet, more consumption of milk, butter milk, sprouts, wheat germ, and soybean will support the body for preventing hair loss. Eating white sesame seeds in the morning, drinking juice of alfalfa mixed with carrot and lettuce juice or drinking one-third cup of aloe vera juice everyday are very good natural remedies. Rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea once in a week is excellent herbal treatment. Massaging the scalp with horsetail is also a trusted natural remedy for hair loss. Rubbing scalp vigorously after washing is a good practice as it promotes blood flow and activates sebaceous glands for better hair growth.

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