Saturday, July 13, 2019

How Chiropractors Can Help In Treating Low Back Pain

Some people say that if you already experience low back pain or having a hard time to bend and pick up something, it is a sign that you are getting older. But on the contrary you might be suffering from LBP or low back pain. It is usually caused by improper posture, lifting and even overweight.Like migraines, LBP can stop an individual to work. Most of the time people who experience this go to a spa for massage or therapy while others exercise and drugs with high dosage just to relieve the pain even just for a while. No doubt that this can relieve pain but there is no guarantee that the pain will not come back. It is like a temporary solution to ease the pain and not to treat the root of the problem. High dosage of drugs can cause side effects like liver problems, it may not manifest immediately but in the long run complications may arise which are hard to treat.

Nowadays most people prefer to try alternative treatments like chiropractic. People who suffer from low back pain usually apply creams, gels or strips to ease the pain. Some take over the counter drugs even without prescription, which is not advisable, if you get used to it, without knowing you are looking for higher dosage because your body is already immune with low dosage medicines. You’ll start in low milligrams then end up searching for a stronger and higher dosage. People are now more aware of the side effects, as a result they find alternative treatments which are safer compared to medicines. Chiropractors specialize in treating LBP, they are trained and experts on this field. They do adjustments in spine, correct all problems and support body’s natural way of treating oneself. In order to treat LBP, Chiropractors use a therapy called spinal manipulation. The goal is to lessen the pain, increase mobility and to prevent chronic disorder related with immobility.

They advise exercise for fast recovery. Patients must undergo 3-6 weeks with this kind of treatment and 10 weeks for those who suffer from acute case. Studies prove that many patients are satisfied with the result of Chiropractic than medical treatments. Low back pain should not be disregarded. Almost everyone is experiencing different levels of pain; there are treatments that suit every individual, depending on their situation. According to satisfied patients, nothing can beat Chiropractic treatment for low back pain. Experience the holistic treatment, visit a Chiropractor near you.

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