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Back Pain Causes And Exercises

Back pain and lower back pain has become a very common problem these days. Our changed lifestyle, too much sitting and bad food habits contribute to the increased incidences of back pain. Very simple day-to-day precautions/habits can take away much of your pain.

First of all, you should buy for yourself a hard mattress in case you have been sleeping on a soft one for years altogether. Hard sleeping surfaces tend to minimize back pain. Secondly, shun your habit of sleeping on your back. Though many people find it comfortable and natural, it is actually one of the most important causes of back pain.

Rather, try to sleep on your side and even try not to adopt the straight-back posture while you fidget in your sleep. If you are extremely conscious of this thing, you wouldn’t try to sleep on your back even when in deep sleep.

When you try to stand up, don’t exert undue force on your back. Try to use your knees the most. Also try that when you are to stand up, you pull your stomach towards the inside. Avoid excessive smoking as it has been proved to reduce blood circulation to your back as well as to the area around the spinal discs. If spinal discs get damaged, the problem of back pain may get aggravated all the more.

You can also do simple exercises to be safeguarded from back pain. Just sit on your computer chair and move backwards and forwards seven to eight inches without using much force. Do it for about a minute. Then repeat the exercise with your arms raised straight in the air. Again, do it no more than a minute. After that, do a kind of circling of your upper body for about a minute. Do it form left to right and then from right to left. Do these exercises daily and you would never suffer from back pain.

The reason being that most cases of back pain arise when there is a loss of flexibility in the back and spinal chord. The above mentioned exercises provide ample flexibility and strength to your back. A word of caution here. Don’t over exert yourself and if you feel some kind of regular pain after doing these exercise, stop them altogether and consult your doctor. Every person is unique, what’s right for most may not be right for you at all.

You can also stretch while lying. Choose a hard surface to lie upon. Lie on your back and pull the knees very close to your chest with the help of your arms. Remain in this stretched position for about 3-4 seconds and then return to your previous state in a very gentle manner. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times. Do it daily and you would find remarkable recovery in your back pain. However, if the problem persists even after regular exercise, do consult your doctor, as the back pain may be an indication of something seriously wrong with your body.

Many times lower back pain may be due to muscles problem, over exercising or stretching. To treat this, only after the advice of your doctor you can have muscles relaxant

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