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Get All Of The Benefits Of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important nutrient in the therapeutic and preventive treatment and very critical for treating deficiency syndromes. Vitamin A or retinol is believed to create positive impact and enhances growth and immunity. Vitamin A keeps the mucous cells and skin very healthy as the healthy mucous membrane remains moist and become resistant to any kind of cell damage. The lack of moisture encourages infectious disease.

Healthy mucous cells are very important for preventing cancers. Vitamin A resists cancer by suppressing the growth of DNA in the cancerous cells. It also decreases the growth of tumor in the mature cancers and prevents the leukemia cells from being divided. Vitamin A is particularly very helpful in curing diseases caused by viruses. Respirator viruses, measles, and even human immunodeficiency virus retreat when there is a sufficient amount of vitamin A.   

People with viral illness often have low levels of Vitamin A in their blood. Adequate vitamin A is very helpful for these people to build the defense, which eventually lead to quicker recovery. However, larger doses of vitamin A should be taken under the proper care of the physician. Vitamin A plays an important role in preventing stroke and it is highly advisable to take vitamin A rich fruits and vegetables daily.

Dry-eye disorder is easily relieved by topical application of vitamin A. Dry-eye happens when the formation of tears and lubrication is stopped, and also this condition makes a person extremely uncomfortable. The vitamin A eye drops are recommended as the solution for this problem because the clinical tests have shown that the eye drops improve moistness and cell functions in the eye.

Vitamin A in the oral form or topical form is believed to be the promising solution to prevent and treat skin cancers. Vitamin A is also very helpful in treating dark spots or liver spots that often seen in aging skin. The studies have also shown that the topical application relives the dark spots within a month.  The derivatives of vitamin A is very helpful in treating cystic acne, but the medication for this disease should be carefully taken under the monitor of the physician, otherwise it can lead to serious side-effects.

Vitamin A derivatives along with minoxidil helps greatly in treating baldness. Vitamin A is very helpful in reducing the wrinkles and protects the skin from the damages of the sun. In addition, some of this vitamin derivative is helpful in treating psoriasis. Experts recommend that the best way to get the sufficient amount of vitamin A is through proper and balanced diet. Vitamin A is plays an important role in improving the night vision and helps the eyes in adjusting with respect to the changes in light.

Also, vitamin A is very important for enhancing the overall health of the body as it improves the power of white blood cells and strengthens the reproductive and skeletal system. Some of the vitamin A rich foods are broccoli, carrot, apricots, beef liver, milk, egg yolk, and cod liver oil.

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