Monday, September 16, 2019

Relaxation To Reduce Stress

In our hectic lives, it seems that many people are constantly stressed and on the verge of a meltdown.  Between your cell phone ringing, those unanswered emails in your in box, your deadline at work, the water heater deciding to malfunction, and your best friend’s newest relationship crisis, you may find it very difficult to relax.  The best ways to minimize your stress, are directly related to how you handle stress, but learning how to breathe deeply, yoga, and focusing on the good things in your life, are very good ways to help you calm down and relax.

Breathing is something we all do instinctively, but have you ever noticed when stress starts to get to you, your breaths become shallower?  The key to preventing this is to always remember to breathe deeply.  It is as simple as lying flat on your back, or sitting completely straight in a chair, and inhaling deeply, while closing your eyes, and releasing the air slowly.     

Repeating this for about five minutes will relax you, and help you breathe deeper, and make you less prone to start breathing shallowly when you start to feel stressed.  You have to breathe to live; you might as well make it something that is both calming and soothing.

Stress can also be released with the practice of yoga.  Yoga works with both the mind and the body to improve your flexibility and your state of mind.  You don’t have to be an acrobat to do it either.  The basic act of stretching your muscles while breathing deeply has countless benefits for your health and well-being.

You will find that after having participated in yoga for a few weeks, that you will be in better shape physically, you will be able to manage your stress better, and you may even lose some of those pesky extra pounds.  If your body is not happy, then your mind is not happy either, so start taking a yoga class, for your own good.

When life gives you lemons, because inevitably it will, focusing on the lemons and what havoc they have caused in your life is not the best way to deal with them.  Sometimes, it is as simple as trying to find the good in a bad situation.  If you continually focus on the negative aspects of your life, then you are probably prone to stress and anxiety, making it very difficult to clear your head and relax.

Trying to find positive things in every situation will help you handle the situation better.  Okay, so your car breaks down, and you have to get a ride from your neighbor.  It is not an ideal circumstance, but it may provide you with an opportunity to make a new friend.  Thinking about life in this respect will help you to cope better when times are not easy.

Relaxation is an important part of being a healthy and happy person.  It is important that you take the time to do this.  You don’t want to be that person who flips out at the super market and slaps a stock boy for being out of your favorite cereal. 

Instead, you want to be able to look around you, take a deep breath, and try and find another cereal to try.  Learning how to breathe deeply, practicing yoga, and looking for the good, will go a long way to reducing your stress and making you life better, and more fulfilling.


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