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3 Days Open Pores Treatment and it Will Disappear From Your Skin Permanently!

Open Pores Treatment

Our skin have tiny pores that are basically are opening to the sebum glands and help in maintaining the skin moisture and avoids excessive dryness. However in some conditions these pores enlarge and cause different kinds of skin issues which include acne, black and white heads, open pores (orange peel like skin) and many more. Usually it occurs when sebum glands production of sebum is disturbed either because of internal factors or external factors.

In fact some of the reasons of the issue include stress, genetic and unhealthy skin hygiene routine which eventually leads to enlarged and open pores. In addition to the fact these pores looks unappealing and also make you lose skin elasticity and eventually wrinkles and fine lines before time.

Although many pharmaceuticals claim to deal with open pores and to some extent they are worth using but long term side effects of most of the creams is not appealing at all. Therefore before using any chemical on the skin why not give tries to home based natural products.

Here I am going to share with you simple and handy way to reduce open pores and keeping them away for longer period of time.

    Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is God Gifted ingredient for skin and hair problems. In fact it treats almost all skin issues without causing any damage or side effects. Simply apply some freshly extracted aloe vera gel on the affected area and then let it sit for 10 minutes. Later on wash with cool water and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight as it aggravates the skin issues.

    Egg white:

Egg white is basically protein mask that help your skin regenerates the elasticity of the skin and constricts the pores. However you have to make sure before applying egg white mast that your skin is well exfoliated and clean. Simply whist an egg white and apply on the face and let it dry completely. Wash your face with cold water later on and apply any moistening cream to avoid dryness.Besides  this another alternative method is given below specially if you have oily skin.

Ingredients needed:

  •     Egg white 1
  •     Oatmeal 2 tablespoon
  •     Lemon juice 2 tablespoon

Method to apply:

  •     Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and apply on the clean dry face.
  •     Keep the paste on the face for at least 30 minutes and then wash with cool water.
  •     Apply moistening cream avoid using oil based creams.

    Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is also a cleaning agent it also helps in reducing the size of the pores.


  •     Apple cider vinegar  1 tablespoon diluted
  •     Water 1 tablespoon
  •     Cotton ball

Method to use

  •     Dilute apple cider vinegar with a ration of 1:1 and then dip cotton ball in it.
  •     Apply the wet cotton ball on the clean and dry face and let it stay for half an hour.
  •     Wash with normal water and feel the smooth and wrinkle free skin instantly.
  •     Papaya for skin pores

Papaya basically tones and tightens the loosed skin and also provides essential nourishment to the damaged skin. Papaya is also a whitening agent and improves the skin tone. Simply take few slices of ripe papaya and then mash it in a small bowl. Apply the paste on the face for 20 minutes if you feel itching or burning then wash it as some might have allergy to it. Later on wash with normal water and you can repeat it at alternative days.


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