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Secret Weight Loss Recipe To Lose 11 Pounds In 2 Days

Here is a secret weight loss recipe to lose 11 pounds in 2 days fast at home utilizing only natural ingredients. If you have been trying to get rid of your first 10 pounds fast without success, this drink will benefit you achieve your goal.

Note: If you are on specific health medications liked blood thinners or high blood pressure pills, please consult with your doctor before beginning this weight loss drink.
Secret Weight Loss Recipe To Lose 11 Pounds In 2 Days

I’m sure, This might seem foolish but did you know that so many people are favorably losing weight around the world just by practicing this Parsley? Exactly! That is all you need to start seeing those stubborn pounds melt off from your body!

Parsley not only supports you lose weight. But it also helps cleanse your colon from excess waste, remove toxins from your liver, cleanses your blood and reduces fluid retention fast! Drinking this remedy will ease you lose weight quickly!

Ingredients and Quantity;

    10 tbs of parsley
    2 Liters of water

How to Prepare:

  •     Boil the water 
  •     Add in the parsley above mention quantity while it is still on the heat.
  •     Let it boil together for an extra 10 minutes before removing heat.
  •     Leave it aside till it gets cool and strain it into a clean bottle.
  •      Drink the resulted parsley water
  •     Its more effective if first, you drink in the morning, Further once before lunch and 30 minutes before bedtime.

We also advise you to drink at least 8 glasses of water while drinking this recipe. And also eat a low-calorie diet for notable results. Regular walking for at least 30 minutes will help the drink in lifting waste from your colon.

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