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Why Sleeping On Your Right Side Might Be Hazardous To Your Health

This Is Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side (Backed By Science)
Your sleep pattern could be forecasting a health problem by causing it. So many factors make a difference in the way you sleep. Some doctors suggest that you sleep on your back, while others say it may be a factor in sleep apnea.

One thing is sure; there are health risks if you sleep on your right side and even more so if you’re pregnant. So why all the fuss about sleeping on the left side? It appears that sleeping on our left side is good for our digestions, our backs, and even our hearts because of the position of various organs.
Here are the 6 Benefits While Sleeping on Your Left Side

① LYMPH DRAINING – Improve your Lymphatic System
According to Ayurvedic medicine, sleeping on your left side allows your body to better filter lymph fluid and waste via the lymph nodes.

Due to the fact that the left side of your body is the dominant lymphatic side, meaning the majority of the lymphatic system is present on the left side.

So when you sleep on your left side, you’re allowing gravity to take some of the pressure of lymph drainage away from your heart and your spleen, both of which are also located on the left side of your body.

Moreover, sleeping on the left side can aid the body to process waste materials from the brain based on an American research. In contrast, sleeping on your right side can decrease the lymphatic system’s efficiency.

Pins and needles may be your body’s response to sleeping on either the right or left side. Just sleeping on your side can be a problem if your body rests on your arm.

You may wake up with the rubber arm syndrome where you have to move your body to swing it and can’t grasp anything for a few minutes.

As feeling starts to return to your arm, the familiar pins and needle stinging returns for a few more moments of discomfort.

It might not just happen in your arms; sometimes side sleeping causes one leg to become numb, then a fast trip to the bathroom is impossible.

Numb appendages can cause you to awaken in the middle of the night and sometimes not fall back to sleep again. Interrupted sleep or limited sleep is detrimental to your health.

Feeling the pain of heartburn? It can occur more when you sleep on your right side, whether you’re pregnant or not. Ride side sleepers aggravate the problem of heartburn by their side sleeping habit.

Watch out for GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease. If you’re frequently experiencing heartburn, you may have a more serious condition that’s aggravated by sleeping on the right side, GERD.

The constant splashing of stomach acid into the esophagus can cause permanent damage and even lead to cancer.

Even though it might seem that everything points to better health by sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your side has some benefits.

It can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, while also reducing the risk of sleep apnea. Most doctors agree that sleeping on the back still rates as the best.

Sleeping on your left side is actually beneficial for people who are suffering from chronic back pain.

Sleeping this way can relieve the pressure on the spine hence makes sleeping more comfortably and the result can potentially improve your chances of getting some good shut-eye.

When it comes to digestion, sleeping on the left side may be preferable to the right due to the simple matter of gravity. The way our intestines travel across our stomach, food waste will be processed faster if we sleep on our left side.

This allows food waste to easily move from the large intestine into the descending colon (meaning you’re more likely to have a bowel movement upon waking).

It is even recommended to take 10-minute rests lying on your left side after eating to help your meal be better digested and to recover from the dreaded “food coma” quicker.
     Sleeping on the left side also allows the stomach and pancreas to hang naturally (our stomach lies on the left side of the body), which can keep the development of pancreatic enzymes and other digestive processes humming.

Pregnant women face potential harm to not just their own health but the health of their baby by sleeping on their right side for the following reasons.

① Sleeping on the right side might restrict the flow of blood to the unborn child.

② When you sleep on the right side, it can damage the placenta and that plays a huge role in the health of the unborn child.

③ Sleeping on the right side can restrict nutrient access for the fetus.

④ The volume and weight of your body press on the liver when you’re pregnant and lay on your right side. That can cause damage and create a health problem.

Stillbirth can be one of the most devastating outcomes of right-sided sleepers. The more advanced the pregnancy, the more potential there is for a problem. In the last trimester, the potential for a stillborn to right side sleepers doubles.

Note :

Though there may have convincing reasons for you to switch your sleeping position, there are some people may not benefit from side sleeping – including those suffering from sleep apnea, heart disease, glaucoma, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s always recommended to seek the advice of a medical practitioner.

Compelled to Make the Switch?

You can follow through some simple approaches to guarantee a smooth transition once you’re ready to make the switch. But remember, practicing a new routine of sleeping on your left side may take time to get oneself adjusted.
① For example, you can try putting a body pillow behind your back to avoid reeling off while sleeping on your left side. Or experiment sleeping on the opposite side of the bed than you habitually do. Doing this way, your sleep position won’t feel much unfamiliar to your customary (notwithstanding, you’re sleeping on your opposite side).

② Choosing an ideal mattress is likewise essential for side sleeping. As it can pose much pressure on the shoulders and the hips as a result of sleeping on your side. Therefore, invest in a cushy, softer mattress to alleviate pressure on those areas.

③ Moreover, letting your spine rest in a normal alignment is one benefit you can get if you truly invest in a combination of cushy bed + a health-promoting sleeping orientation. Hence, amplifying your possibility of sleeping soundly and feeling good whenever you wake up.


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