Friday, January 10, 2020

10 types of women men like the most

Men and women are from different worlds. We are drawn to each other but at the same time we are so different. Men and women try to figure each other out but still remain a mystery to each other. It has probably been conceived by the universe!

We have always been tormented by the question:“what kind of woman is ideal for men?”. It is important to note that every man is special and he has different tastes and preferences. That is why for every man an ideal woman looks different.

Although men and women communicate and express their emotions in different ways, there is one thing that is true for everyone. Everyone wants to love and be loved! Well, if you want to understand men and who they like,we have something for you. Today we have prepared a list of types of women which men like the most. Let’s check them out!

#1. Childish woman

Men like this type of woman. They think that such women are cheerful, joyous and playful. It is cool to be in love like children!

#2. Mysterious lady

Some men like the mystery in women. He constantly wants to discover new secrets about her.

#3. Sexy lady

By nature all men like sexy women. This is a real fact! There is no man who doesn’t like a “sexy kitty”!

#4. The Virgin

Now it is quite difficult to find such women. Men are attracted by their purity and spirituality. This type of woman does not have sexual experience and it excites the man even more.

#5. Wonder Woman

All men like the wonder woman type because of her strong character and power! This woman acts and doesn’t fear anything! Men find such women really sexy.

#6. The spoiled type

Some men like spoiled women because this type likes to spoil themselves and even in bed at night!

#7. Confident lady

A confident woman is a dream of all men. Men like this kind of woman because she is confident in her qualities, likes herself and knows what she wants.

#8. Mommy

Sometimes men need a second mommy in their life. The thing is that they are used to be taken care of and loved. “Big Babies” need their own mommy!

#9. Star

No comments! Every man likes star girls. Men only look at these type of women and are afraid to approach them.

#10. Unconventional woman

Some men find this type of woman attractive. They like their “strangeness” in a good way. Men think that unconventional women are sexy and fun!


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