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8 Signs You Had a Stroke and Might Not Know it. Don’t ignore These Signs!

A stroke is resulted due to the reduced flow of blood to the brain. This condition is capable of affecting the entire body as well. Also, the risk of permanent damage to the brain rises. Such damage can also cause a person’s death. The brain needs the flow of blood in order to perform its functions. When a blood vessel is blocked in the brain (chemically-known as a TIA) or starts bleeding

(Hemorrhagic-a full on Stroke), you are at risk of damaging your brain and also losing your life. Taking an action right away should be a person’s reflex in situations like these where the matter becomes that of life or death.

Just like many health issues and diseases, symptoms of a stroke are not given much importance and are easily ignored by people. As strokes can damage your brain to an extent of abnormality or death, Ignoring the signs of a stroke won’t really be the smartest move.

So, if you know a person who is experiencing a stroke then acting with utmost care and alertness becomes important. The first step towards making the right move is identifying the problem for what it is. You have to be familiar with the signs and symptoms. Only when you know the signs, you’ll be able to take the right action:

Here are 8 signs and symptoms of a stroke:

1.Headache or Migraine

In case your head is throbbing, to an extent that it becomes unbearable, seek medical help as soon as possible. If the headache lasts for a very long period of time then it might be a possible indication towards stroke.

2.Extreme Fatigue

If you are undergoing sudden fatigue then it may be a sign of a stroke.

3.Difficulty in Vision of One Eye

Your vision is highly affected when the brain is hit by a stroke. Problems such as blurred vision, double sightedness in one eye are very like to occur.

4.Difficulty In Thinking

The oxygen supply is interrupted due to the sudden occurrence of a stroke and causes hindrance in a person’s thinking ability. It results in obscurity and difficulty in thinking.

Moreover, there are four more integral signs, which clearly state that you have a stroke. These signs are represented as F.A.S.T and they are:

5.Face Drooping on One Side

If your face droops on a single side during your sleep, then it might be pointing towards a stroke.

6.Arm Numb

If you are experiencing numbness in one arm for more than a few minutes then it should be treated as a warning sign of a stroke.

Experiencing numbness or weakness in one arm for several minutes is a serious warning sign

7.Speech Difficulty

The lack of blood supply in the brain leads to obscurity and makes your speech very cryptic. You may think that you are very articulate about your thoughts but if someone says they can’t understand a word of your speech then take it very seriously. It is a major sign of a stroke.


Call the emergency right away if someone around you is under the influence of a stroke. Time is of the essence in such sensitive situations. A minute’s difference can save a life.

Sometimes, consecutive strokes are experienced by people. In order to reduce the risk, some major steps must be followed. Here’s a shortlist of things you can do:

Eating a good amount of seafood.

Reducing the intake of red meat, poultry, and eggs.

Eating more vegetables and nuts.

Reducing the intake of sodium, fats, sugars, and refined grains.

Not indulging in activities such as smoking.

Exercising on a day to day basis.

Not drinking alcohol in excess

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