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Can Your Birth Month Reveal What Kind Of Woman You Are? You’ll Be Surprised

Did you know that your birth month can reveal a lot about your personality? Here’s what kind of woman you are depending on the month you were born in:


Ladies born in the first month of the year are serious, ambitious and a bit conservative. They’re a closed book and rarely get angry – when they do, it’s best not to find yourself in their way. Women born in January want to be surrounded with people who share their intellectual views, as they’re not ones for small talk.


Women born in February are romantic and kind but should be treated with patience as their mood can change like weather during spring. They are loyal and have a unique way of thinking. If you betray these women, they will walk out the door and you can bet you’ll never see them again.


Women born in March are dedicated, loyal and have a powerful charisma. They don’t fall in love easy like the others and are quite cute and kind until you step on their toes. Upset them, and you’re going to be in a world of hell.


Women born in April are jealous, so don’t provoke them by flirting with others. They are known to pity themselves but are quite open for communication. If a woman born in April bursts, it’s better to stay away as far as possible. If you’re in love, however, an April girl will fulfil all your needs and wishes. They rarely open up to others unless they trust them with their heart.


Women born in May are among the most beautiful women. They are true to their own principles and due to the difficult character, they can be dangerous to the men they love, especially if they like to flirt.


June women are creative, curious, and communicative, but pretty dangerous in the game of love. They don’t like speaking things behind the back and will always tell the truth to anyone’s face. They play with men like toys, so watch your back.


Women born in the month of July are intelligent, mysterious, and honest. They are beautiful like no one else and incredibly polite. They’re pretty emotional as well and know how to love with all their heart. If you cheat on her, you can bet that she’ll never want to see your face again.


August women are unique – they are the perfect combo of egoism and a brave heart. They are fearless and shouldn’t be messed with – they may lose a few fights, but they will definitely win the war. August-born women want a good sense of humor, but they won’t allow being mocked. Men often lose heads in their presence as they’re pretty happy in the limelight.


Women born in September are truly special – they are disciplined, kind, and beautiful, but also love revenge, so make sure not to hurt their feelings. September-born girls love long relationships and are not fond of one-night stands. They do have high demands of their partner, however, and will only date men who are ready to fulfill them. They are also very rational, so even if their heart tells one thing, their mind won’t falter.


October-born women are independent and strong. They are born of iron, but very emotional when hurt. They won’t show it in public, but they will cry when alone. These women rarely open themselves up to others as they’re afraid of getting hurt. Otherwise, they may be the perfect woman, which is why women born in another month envy and hate them.


These ladies are always a few steps ahead of the rest. They can tell a lie from miles away, so you can’t easily fool them. Play with these women and you’ll learn what pain is. They always speak the truth, so if you’re not ready for it, don’t ask for their opinion.


December-born women are fast like a hurricane and impatient, meaning that their tongue is often faster than their brain. They can, however, talk their way out of any situation. They can instantly lift the mood in a group and men fall under their charm in minutes. They have a kind heart and will never cheat or hurt others. If they’re hurt, they make others get what they deserve.

What month were you born in? Are these personality descriptions accurate? We’d love to hear more from you in the comments section!

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