Thursday, January 16, 2020

Do you know what happens to your body if you eat 2 bananas per day for a month?

What is your favorite fruit? I know mine are bananas and they’re pretty much the favorite fruit of the entire world population and it’s not just because of its amazing, sweet flavor. This exotic fruit abounds in health benefits and is a nutrient powerhouse, which is why many nutritionists recommend it as an addition to every healthy diet.

Bananas are rich in fibers, natural sugars, vitamins and minerals and if you consume it on a regular basis you’ll benefit from its amazing properties. Statistics show that Americans love bananas and they consume it more than apples and oranges combined, which shows that the fruit is super popular in the States.

When they start growing bananas are green and have no dark spots on their peel. As they begin ripening they turn yellow and brown spots appear all over their peel. These ripe bananas with brown spots are the healthies bananas and the more spots the higher the tumor necrosis factor in them. This tumor necrosis factor can fight abnormal cells in your body which means it can lower your risk of cancer and help in the treatment and prevention of this disease. The tumor necrosis factor is also in charge of promoting the communication between cells and supports cell movements. According to studies the tumor necrosis found in ripe bananas can prevent cancer cells growth and proliferation by inducing cell death (apoptosis). Moreover, they’re abundant in antioxidants which boost your immune system and blood cells count.

From now on always choose ripe bananas with brown spots as they are the healthiest ones in general.

Aside from their cancer-fighting ability bananas also abound in numerous other health benefits, including:

Energy boost

Eating just one or two bananas before your workout session will give you enough energy to last you for an hour of strenuous exercise. Since they’re high in minerals like potassium, vitamins and have a low-glycemic index they will also boost endurance and prevent muscle cramps.


They can relieve heartburn and acid reflux thanks to their anti-acid properties. If you suffer from these conditions just eat a banana and the result will be instant.


You can successfully treat constipation with bananas as they have a rich fiber content and will promote regular bowel movement.


They have a sodium-lowering effect which is good for people suffering from hypertension. They will lower your blood pressure and the risk of heart attack and stroke.


They are very effective against stomach ulcers thanks to their soft structure which lines the stomach and prevents irritations and corrosive acids.


They’re rich in dietary iron which means that they boost blood supple and stimulate the hemoglobin and red blood cells production, excellent for anemics.


Bananas are rich in one unique ingredient, tryptophan, which is effective in the treatment of depression. Once it gets into our body, tryptophan turns into serotonin, the happy hormone which makes you feel relax and improves your mood.


They’ve proven to be very effective in regulating your blood sugar levels which is good for people under stress. They also contain vitamin B which has a soothing and relaxing effect on your body, excellent for women in PMS.


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