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How To Burn Belly Fat Fast For Women – 8 Habits To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat can be a tough nut to break but there are some few habit one can use to loose belly fat quickly. If you want to learn how to burn belly fat then you are in the right place.

When it comes to losing weight and burning belly fat, there’s no one single thing that helps you do this.

In fact, losing fat off our stomachs is one of the most difficult areas to lose weight from.

I know, it sucks, right!

But if you were to combine a bunch of healthy daily habits that burn belly fat together and keep repeating these over a few weeks, you will lose weight – even off your stomach.

Simples, right?
If we know that just sticking a bunch of habits together works for us, why do we stop or sometimes,

not even start?

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Well, because habits are a funny old thing.

For some of us we can literally stick new habits pretty quick. Whereas others (most of us), find it really hard to make changes.

But a proven way to make any new habit stick, especially new daily habits that burn belly fat is this:

Repeat, repeat, repeat and then, repeat again.

Just keep going, even when it seems like nothing is changing.

Belly Fat

Like I mentioned above, our stomachs are one of the hardest areas to lose fat from.

And there’s a few reasons for this. Most of which are relatively unknown to most of us.

Did you know that stress is huge reason why we hold on to belly fat? Most people don’t know this.

What makes this worse is when most of try to lose belly fat (or any far come to think of it), we follow a process that looks a but like this:

Cut calories and see some weight come off.

Weight loss stalls so cut calories again.

Little bit more weight comes off, but stops again so we cut calories again.

The more we cut calories and keep cutting calories we actually cause our cortisol levels to rise.

You probably already knew this, but it’s this rise in cortisol that stops us losing belly fat.

Pretty rubbish, right!

If you hadn’t already guessed, by now cutting calories is never the long term or healthy solution to burning belly fat.

It’s actually one of the big mistakes of losing belly fat

Sure, it works in the very short term.

But the secret to making this work is knowing when to start eating healthy foods again and in the right amounts.

This is something I share in my new new weight loss program.

By re-introducing certain foods back into our diet and at the right time, we can regulate and normalise our hormonal system such as insulin and cortisol.

The better these hormones work, the easier it is for us to burn fat, especially from our stomachs.

Here’s 8 daily habits that burn belly fat.

If you implement into your current diet and lifestyle will make a huge difference in your weight loss – especially belly fat!

1 – Breakfast Foods

I love my breakfast. There, I said it.

And I also know that so many of you guys love breakfast too.

But when it comes to losing weight and burning belly fat, breakfast is one of those key moments that can help set you up for burning fat rather than storing fat.

A good habit to get into for weight loss is to only eat a breakfast of proteins and healthy fats.

This way you’ll minimise the amount of insulin (fat storing hormone) that released during your first meal of the day.

Repeating this type of breakfast over and over will help you lose belly fat.

2 – Water

Every single chemical reaction and every single process that happens inside of me and you requires water.

Every single cell in our bodies uses or stores water. This includes our fat burning process which is called lipolysis.

Wanna hear a shocking fact about most adults?

Over 80% of us are walking around dehydrated everyday.

It doesn’t take a genius to workout that if we’re dehydrated most of the time this will impact our ability to burn fat on a regular and daily basis.

So, yeah – drink some water.

3 – De-stress

De-stressing is one of the best habits we could all incorporate into our days.

It’s good for our mental health, our physical health, and our hormonal health which directly impacts if we gain or lose weight.

De-stressing is easier said than done, right?

So here’s one way to reduce stress in your life.
Take walk in nature. If you can’t do that, listen to some feel good music.

4 – Fasting

Intermittent fasting has some amazing benefits which you can read here.

But it’s also a good habit for burning belly fat.

And here’s why.

When you go for an extended time with no food inside your digestive system, you’re actually giving your hormones a change to regulate and balance.

Over time, your hormonal system will begin to regulate which will make burning fat easier.

Oh yea, and you’ll eat a lot less without feeling hungry too.

5 – Proteins

Eating a diet that has a moderate amount of protein in is a pretty cool way to help burn belly fat.

Turns out it takes our bodies a lot more energy to burn up the calories within foods like chicken and beef.

In other words, we are literally using more energy to burn the food we’re eating.

As with any habit for weight loss, repeating this over time will help you burn more energy than if you didn’t eat protein.

Chicken and beef are good examples. So too are turkey and eggs.

6 – Fats

Fats are suuuuuper important for our health, especially our hormonal health.

Not all fats are created equal. In fact, fats such as trans fats should be avoided at all costs.

But a range of healthy fats such as olive oil and even avocados will help balance our hormones out and maximise the fat burning effect they have.

Getting into the daily habit of eating some of these healthy fats is a great way to support your weight loss.

7 – Dairy

All of the daily habits that burn belly fat that I’ve mentioned so far have been things to do.

What I’m about to share with you now is something to not do.

Removing milk and cheese from your diet for a few weeks will dramatically improve your body composition.

For most of us, these types of foods can result in inflammation. And when we’re inflamed we feel and looked bloated at best.

And at worst, it disrupts our hormones so that losing belly fat is near impossible.

8 – Gluten

Just as with dairy can cause inflammation and put the brakes on fat loss, so too will foods that contain gluten.
There’s a bunch of studies that say gluten is fine and healthy. But there’s also a lot more studies that suggest to completely remove gluten from our diets.

All I’d suggest is to remove all gluten containing foods from your diet for a few weeks and see what happens.

My guess is you’d lose some weight and feel less bloated.

Never a bad thing, right?

Final Remarks

There we have it, my top 8 daily habits that burn belly fat.

As with any new habit it takes some getting use to, especially if it’s brand new to you. But like I mentioned above, stick with it so that it becomes second nature to you.

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