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Never Ignore These 5 Warning Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency!

Our body needs to contain vital nutrients like very important minerals and vitamins so that it can work well and be healthy. The most important vitamins are C, B, E, D, K and A. Vitamin K, E, D and A are soluble in fats and our body usually keeps them in its reserves of fat.

The ones soluble in water are C and B. We eliminate them through our urine in case we have too much of them. Unfortunately, we often have vitamin C and B deficiencies more than other types of deficiencies.

The vitamins from the group B are very important for many body processes. B12, otherwise known as cobalamin is very important for the metabolism of amino and fatty acids as well as for the production of DNA. This kind of a deficiency can cause numerous health problems and too much damage. The mostly affected are the nervous and brain systems. This deficiency can also cause the appearance of psychosis and mania.

In case you want to start a diet, make sure you intake supplements of this vitamin.

These are some of the most common signs of vitamin B12 deficiency:

    Unexplained Fatigue And Tiredness 

In case you’ve started feeling very tired even after the easiest tasks, then maybe you lack cobalamin. Intake more foods that contain vitamin B12, like: cumin seeds, eggs, liver etc.

    Feeling dizzy and light-headed 

Vitamin B12 is very important for a proper blood pressure. Dizziness and light-headedness appear when we have a sudden fall in our blood pressure.
It can also be a symptom for other serious health problems, so in case you’ve already felt this symptom, you’d better visit your doctor.


As we have already mentioned, B12 is very important for our brain function. B12 deficiency will certainly have a negative effect on the function of our brain. In case you’ve noticed something, visit a doctor and make sure they perform a variety of tests to see if you are deficient in vitamin B or something else is in question.

    Dysfunction Of The Muscles 

In order for our muscles to function well, they depend on our nerves which also need to be healthy. If they aren’t, we start having problems with our muscles.

    A Sensation Like Having Pins and needles 

This is something we’ve already felt some time in our lives. It happens because of some problem with our nerves as well as when their myelin sheath starts to become thin. Vitamin B12 deficiency is definitely one thing that can cause the appearance of this sensation.

What Can We Do?

There are numerous vitamin B12 supplements on the market that we can use, but it would be better to consume a variety of healthy foods every day. One thing that can really help us is to consume more liver and eggs and also drink some brewed cumin seeds’ tea before you go to bed every night.


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