Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Scientists Advice Women To Pay Attention To How Much They Sleep

Sleeping is extremely important for maintaining good health. A good night’s sleep helps us restore our energy, improves our mood and improves our overall health. People who suffer from sleep deprivation often struggle with depression, anxiety and they’re often cranky and in a bad mood.

We all know that we need around 8 hours of sleep to function and make it through the day, but scientists now claim that women need more than 8 hours of sleep to get rest. The reason behind this is that women have more brain activities than men and that’s why they need to sleep longer.

Here’s why you should focus on getting a quality sleep:

1. Improved creativity

Scientists explain that when we sleep, the emotional components of memory get stronger and that results in better creativity.

2. Better memory

When we sleep, our brain rests and our memory improves. Sleeping is an instant memory boost!

3. Better attention

Sleeping is key for brain activity. A good sleeping cycle will help you be more attentive and concentrated.

4. Healthy body

Sleep is extremely important for the body. People who have a good night’s sleep can lose more weight and burn more fat.

5. Decreased stress

Stress affects our cardiovascular health and a good night’s sleep can help you relieve stress. Sleep deprivation can have a terrible effect on the body, especially the nervous system. When the body lacks sleep, the stress levels increase and anxiety start to kick in.

If you have been experiencing trouble sleeping for a longer period of time, consult your doctor!


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