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The Teas That Suits Your Blood Type

There is nothing better I like to warm the cockles of my heart with than a cup of soothing tea. Of course, there are many varieties of tea out there, and they all provide different benefits, as well as different tastes and scents. But I was completely stunned to discover that our blood type can be used to determine which teas are healthiest for us. This theory, The Blood Type Diet, is part of the work of naturopathic physician, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. If you know what your blood type is, you could benefit from this startling medical revelation too.

The Blood Type Diet
This diet is particularly interesting when it comes to tea, a nurturing beverage renowned for its marvelous health benefits. Just by drinking the tea that we are best suited to, we can make great strides in relation to the typical health problems felt by those in our blood group.

Dr. D’Adamo has interested many people with this diet, and has a number of devotees, including super-fit actress, Demi Moore. However, it should be stated that some in the medical community have raised doubts about the efficacy of the diet, and you can read about one such 2014 Canadian
So, D’Adamo’s diet has caused some controversy with its claims. However, the results of his studies remain promising and there is little to be lost health-wise by following his advice of eating healthy, herbal products.

To get you started here is a simple breakdown of the teas recommended for you based on your blood group.

1. Teas for Blood Type O
Almost half of Americans have O type blood (38% O+, 7% O-). People with O type may be prone to stomach problems that can manifest as acid reflux. To help assuage and fight this sickness, we suggest a tea that is kind to the stomach, such as ginger tea. You could also vary your routine with a green tea like Sencha.

2. Teas for Blood Type A
A type blood is the second most common, with 34% A+ and 6% A-. Dr. D’Adamo believes that such people tend to be too anxious. Thus, some good teas to help you calm your nerves include Taiwanese teas such as jasmine or gunpowder green.

3. Teas for Blood Type B
lood type B accounts for around 11% of the population (9% B+ and 2% B-). People in this category often appear to be ‘lethargic’, ‘slow’ or ‘sluggish’. If this describes the way you feel sometimes, Healthy Food House recommend green tea. As an alternative to that and organic green, try rooibos.

4. Teas for Blood Type AB
Blood group AB is the rarest, with only a combined 4% of people being either AB+ or AB-. Therefore, unsurprisingly, this group is a little harder to generalize about. However, it is not recommended that AB people drink heavily caffeinated drinks like coffee and black tea. Instead, if you are AB type, switch to young green and herbal teas.

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