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5 Natural And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Are you tired of eye puffiness and being told how tired you look? There are a few home remedies to reduce eye puffiness, and they usually work well, unless there is an underlying medical issue which needs to be addressed.

Below, we list five home remedies for puffy eyes and a few additional tips to reduce their appearance.

5 home remedies for puffy eyes

If your eyes look puffy and tired, you can try these remedies to improve their look:
1. Tea bags
It doesn't really matter if you use black, green, or herbal tea - placing chilled tea bags on your eyes can help relieve puffiness and make your eyes look less tired. Here's how to use this remedy:

  •     chill 2 used tea bags for 20 minutes in the fridge;
  •     place the tea bags over your closed eyelids;
  •     leave them on for 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Cold spoons
It may sound strange, but this remedy really works. Here's how to use it:

  •     put 6 tablespoons in the fridge for 15 minutes;
  •     take a pair of spoons out of the fridge and put them over your eyes;
  •     after the spoons get warm, repeat the procedure with a new pair of spoons.

3. Cucumbers

A common remedy to improve skin in the eye area, cucumbers can also help reduce eye puffiness. Use them the following way:

  •     cut a fresh, clean cucumber into slices;
  •     put the slices in the fridge for 15 minutes;
  •     put the chilled cucumber slices on your closed eyelids until they become warm;
  •     take another pair or slices and repeat the procedure.

4. Potatoes
To reduce puffiness, potatoes can be used in the same way you would use cucumbers. Alternatively, you can try the following:

  •     wash and peel one potato;
  •     grate the potato and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes;
  •     wrap the grated potato in two pieces of gauze and put these compresses on your closed eyelids for 10 minutes;
  •     rinse your eyes with lukewarm water afterwards.

5. Salt water
Too much salt can actually cause eye puffiness if ingested, but table salt can be used as a topical remedy to relieve the problem. Use the remedy this way:

  •     dissolve 1/4 tsp. of table salt in a cup of warm water;
  •     soak two cotton balls in this solution and place them on your closed eyes for 10 minutes;
  •     rinse your eyes with lukewarm water afterwards to remove any salt residue.

Use these remedies whenever you need to make your eyes less puffy.

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