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How to lighten dark underarms permanently using Activated charcoal

Dark underarms can be a mess..! Especially, when you want to flaunt your new sleeveless top..!

Dark coloration of the skin in the underarms region is usually not a disease or medical condition. Dark underarms can be thought of as the skin’s response to exposure to certain elements, similar to a suntan that results from exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Some of the main causes of dark underarms are shaving, regular use of hair removing creams, excessive sweating, poor ventilation of underarms, accumulation of dead skin cells, and use of alcohol-based deodorants and antiperspirants.

The underarm area rarely gives us any trouble, apart from sweating, and we conveniently forget all about it. Unfortunately, the skin in this area is very sensitive and is susceptible to a variety of problems like rashes, pigmentation, infection, ingrown hair, and even pimples. There’s a lot that can happen in such a small area! However, one of the most common complaints by both men and women is pigmentation or discoloration.

Don’t let your dark underarms stop you from wearing your favorite clothes as we have effective remedies to lighten and brighten your underarms. Let’s take a look.

Things you will need to lighten dark underarms:

  • 3-4 tablets (or powder) of activated charcoal.
  • 1 tbsp of honey.

Method to to lighten dark underarms :

  • If you are using powder form,then alright.Else, grind the tablets into a powder form.
  • Mix 1 tbsp honey in it.
  • You will get a paste consistency.

How to use the paste to lighten dark underarms:

  • Clean your underarms to get rid of dirt,sweat etc.
  • Take steam to open the pores. You can also place a hot towel on your underarms to give steam.
  • Now,pat dry the underarms.
  • Apply this mixture with the help of a brush.
  • Leave this for good 20 mins.

  • After 20 mins, using a wet wipe,wipe off to clean the underarms. If you don’t have wet wipes,you can even wash it off with warm water.


You can use this mask everyday. Within a week you will get 100% guarenteed results.

What Causes Dark Underarms?

Dark underarms are mainly caused due to the extended use of harsh chemicals (bleach, hair removing creams, deodorants, antiperspirants, etc.). Excessive and long-term shaving can also lead to skin pigmentation and darkening of this area. Pregnancy also leads to pigmentation although it clears up in a couple of months.

  • People with deeper skin tones are more susceptible to auxiliary darkening or underarm darkening because of the extra amounts of melanin in the body.
  • Melanin is a protective pigment that shields the skin against UV rays.
  • Pregnancy, and the hormonal cocktail it brings along, can cause pigmentation in the underarms.
  • Another possible reason could be diabetes. Elevated insulin levels can cause skin darkening.
  • Erythrasma, a chronic bacterial infection, is another little-known cause of pigmentation of the underarms.
  • Ingrown hair due to too much shaving can also make the underarms appear darker.

Now that you know how to get rid of dark underarms fast, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bowl people over by flaunting that strappy dress, sexy bikini or sleeveless top you’ve been hiding in the closet!

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