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How To Remove The Pain In The Neck And The Back Pain Once And For All

Do you feel severe pain when you sleep or lie down? Does the pain cause problems and you cannot sleep. We have all experienced back or neck pain at some period of our lives.

It could be because of hernia disc, degenerated vertebrae, strained muscle and stenosis of the spine. Additionally, different other problems can be factors as well.

In almost 85% of all cases, the pain is not pinpointed for the cause or reason and even modern medicine is not able to focus on this in precise details. In some cases even magnetic resonance will not help you and give you a diagnosis.

The back pain for 30 days maximum and chronic lasts longer than 30 days. Mostly, this type of pain has no cures and treatments. However, when you have chronic pain you have to do more that certain test or remedies.

A lot of people feel stiffness or pain in the neck and back. The neck can feel weak and the head can feel heavy, all your muscles will feel cramped.

Heavy loads that you carry bad posture or folded back will make the situation much worse. Additionally as we age or we do physical strains the arthritis can appear as well. Insomnia, light workouts or reading in bed can become an obstacle too.


If you sit it means that your waist muscles will become weaker and you have to stand up and walk around a little bit – for at least 10 min. Additionally you will have to do back workouts all the time.

Another problem is the mattress, if you use the same mattress for 5 years; you have to change it, since the pain can appear because the mattress is deformed and overused.

While sleeping, try to sleep on the side or back and never on the belly, because the pain will become much worse.

Run or walk more than 30 minutes a day. You should practice hiking and relax while stretching.

Do not carry heavy items and loads, and do not tilt or lift all the time. Carrying heavy bags can damage the joints and spine and they can even cause different injuries.

Additionally, similar things can happen for people who have small kids. When you lift the kid in your arms, you have to crouch and lift the kid slowly using the thigh muscles and not your back.

You should always bend the knees, regardless of the activity. Do this while you carry bags, kids or when you brush your teeth.

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Your shoulders are delicate and special for the joints and they have the main role in different movements. They are very large and flexible, and that is why they are prone to severe damages. The soreness in your shoulders can occur because of:

  • Dislocation injury
  • Unstable joints
  • Fracture of the hand bone
  • Stiff shoulder
  • Stretching

This pain in the neck can be different – it can be acute, which is less than 12 weeks and it can be chronic, more than 12 weeks. This can be caused by different reasons and some of them are:

– Stretched or damaged neck structures (muscle, ligament, and tendon).
– Different risks for this can be over-stretching and cramps, bad posture for sitting or walking, no physical activity, stress, sitting all day while working, bad sleeping position and many more.

You should use hot and cold on the parts that hurt. You should do them on every 2 to 3 hours, but you have to know that the method with compress works only for short period of time.


You can do certain workouts which can reduce the pain. You should workout daily and try to move your neck muscles as much as possible in order to avoid stiff neck. Certain workouts can be very helpful and they will reduce the chronic pain.

Another thing you can do is massages. They can relax your muscles and if you are not able to visit a salon for massage you can do a massage by yourself.

You can also change your pillow or the sleep poses. Sleep on feather pillows because they are better for the head and neck and they are softer as well. After certain period of time you have to change your pillow. You should ditch the old ones that have big height or hard surface because they will make your neck stiffer.

If you want to sleep on your side, you can prevent the spine curving by sleeping on a good pillow, which will be higher than your head. If you go on a long trip, you should use a travel pillow because it will give you better support.

Less stress! It is a big reason for all health problems. You can try to do yoga, relax, meditation and different activities.

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