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Natural Remedy for Sagging Eyelids – You Will See Results in 2 Minutes

Everyone would love to have a beautiful face, no doubt. Nevertheless, when time passes, our skin starts to change due to the aging process mainly, and long-term lifestyle habits too. One of the first places where you might start to notice the aging process is the eye area.

The eyelids are actually a part of the ring of muscle, which encircles the eye. This muscle allows you to open and close the eyes. Therefore, a lot of factors can influence the dropping of the eyelids.

The Factors which Contribute to Dropping of the Eyelids

  •     Stroke
  •     Horner’s syndrome
  •     Brain tumor
  •     Normal cellular aging
  •     Heredity issues
  •     Diabetes

If your eyelids drop, then the muscles of the eye will get tired. This will in turn cause fatigue and it will be very difficult to apply some makeup.

Nevertheless, there are non-surgical options which can aid with the problem of ‘droopy’ upper eyelids. Thus, we will present you with the best natural remedy for saggy eyelids and hooded eyes. What you will need is one ingredient and that is the white part of the egg. This part is very effective in making the skin firm and tighten.

The Recipe for Sagging Eyelids

The Ingredients:

  •     1 egg white
  •     1 cotton swab

The Procedure:

First of all, you have to clean the eyelid by using warm water and remove the makeup if you have any. Then, you have to crack the egg and separate the white part from the yolk. When you do, mash the egg white until you get a thick paste. Once you do, dip the cotton swab in the paste of egg white and hold it on the closed eyelid. Hold it until the egg white dries and sticks to the eyelid.

The process can be repeated for several times and then you should wash the face and eyelid with warm water. If you use this remedy daily, you will eliminate the sagging eyes. The results can be seen even after a few minutes you apply the white on the eyelids. Sometimes, the results will even last for two days after you apply the remedy.

The result is simply astounding. Therefore, you should not hesitate at all to use this simple remedy.

The saggy eyelids will be a problem of the past!

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