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Remove The Neck And The Back Pain Once For All

Almost every person experiences pain in the neck or the pack at some point in their life. The pain may cause sleepless nights or a need to lie down during the day because the pain is too severe to bear.

A strained muscle, degenerated vertebrae, stenosis of the spine and hernia disc can be the cause behind the pain. There are even more factors and injuries, which may lead to back and neck pain.

Pain in the back

In most cases of back pain, the cause and the reason behind the pain cannot be determined. Even today’s advanced medicine cannot detect the causes behind the pain in most of the cases. The proper diagnosis cannot be determined by a magnetic resonance as well.

Acute back pain is pain that lasts for less than a month, while chronic back pain lasts for more than one month. In most cases, chronic back pain cannot be cured with medicines and treatments. Chronic back pain even needs more remedies and more tests to be determined.

We have all experienced stiffness or pain in the back or neck. Then, our muscles are cramped and the neck feels weak.

The pain can even become worse when heavy things are being carried or when the body posture is improper. Arthritis may develop as well due to aging or physical strains. Other things that contribute to the problem can even be reading in bed, insomnia and doing some light exercises.

Tips for a healthy back

To keep your back healthy and stay back pain free you must walk everyday for at least ten minutes. You have to do some back exercises as well.

Another thing you have to do to protect your back is to change your mattress if it is older than five years. Back and neck pain can also be caused by a deformed and overused mattress.

Not sleeping on the stomach, relaxing, hiking and stretching can also be helpful. Avoid carrying heavy things, as they can damage both the back and the joints.

When lifting heavy bags, things or children, remember that you must bend your knees.
Back pain transfers to the neck

The shoulders are flexible and they are prone to damage. Pain in the shoulders can be caused by:

• Dislocation
• Unstable joints
• Stiffness
• Fracture of the bones on the hands

The cause behind back pain that spreads to the neck

Acute neck pain is a pain that lasts for less than three months, while chronic neck pain lasts for more than three months. The reasons behind neck pain are:

• Stretched or damaged neck structures, such as muscles, ligaments or tendons.
• Cramps and over-stretching.
• Bad body posture
• Stress
• Lack of physical activity and spending long hours sitting
• Improper sleeping position

How to reduce pain

To reduce the pain in the neck and the back use cold and warm compress. Repeat the treatment on every two hours and the pain will reduce for a short time.

Exercises can also be helpful. You should exercise on a daily basis and move the neck muscles often in order to avoid stiffness of the neck. Some types of workouts are extremely helpful in the treatment of chronic neck pain.

Massages or self-massages are also an excellent way to relax the sore and stiff muscles.

Change your sleeping position and your pillow. Use soft, feather pillows or memory foam pillows. A good pillow will protect your spine if you sleep on the side. You should use a travel pillow for long trips as well.

Reduce stress. Stress is the cause of many different health problems. Try meditation, yoga or some similar relaxing techniques.

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