Tuesday, February 4, 2020

See What The Color Of Your Earwax Reveals About Your Health

A lot of people aren’t aware that earwax isn’t just a build-up of dirt inside our ears. As a matter of fact, it’s produced by our bodies to prevent bacteria and dirt from entering through the ear canal. Consequently, this sticky liquid essentially helps keep our ears hygienic, healthy, and functioning. Apart from that Meow Gag has learned that the color of our earwax can reveal something about our health.

Here are the different colors of earwax and what they tell about our well-being:

    Yellow, moist, and sticky

This type of earwax is common among adults. The moist and sticky quality helps prevent the ear canal from dryness and getting impaired.


Gray colored earwax may appear uncommon, but you don’t have to worry if you do see it. This color is typically the result of the ear’s natural cleaning procedure. Nevertheless, if the wax is dry, brittle and you feel itchiness, it could be an indication of eczema; thus, it’s advised to visit a doctor.

    Light Yellow

This color of earwax is common on children. The young ones tend to produce much more earwax compared to adults, but as they grow older the production gradually slows down. This type of earwax also tends to be softer and brighter than that of grown-ups.

    Sticky and dark

If you’ve noticed that your earwax is darker than usual, it means that the body is perspiring more than normal. The darker its color the more probable that the excess sweat results to body odor. Nevertheless, it’s still an absolutely healthy sign.

    Dry, white and flaky

This is the healthy and perfectly normal type of earwax. People who have this type of earwax tend to have less body odor than those who have darker earwax. It’s assumed that this kind is more common among Asian.

    Moist and runny

It’s usual for earwax to surface on our ears from time to time as it’s just a part of the body’s natural cleaning procedure. Nonetheless, when the wax melts out of the ears in huge amounts, containing pus or blood, it’s definitely a sign of a punctured eardrum or a cerebrospinal fluid. In this case, it is advised to visit a doctor.

    Earwax with blood

Occasionally, dried blood appears on earwax. If you have noticed this, you should seek urgent medical attention because this might be a sign of punctured eardrum.

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