Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

Nobody wants to have smelly feet. While you might think that the smell is covered by your shoes, you know in your mind that your feet need to get out of them sometime. And when it does, you are hit with the sudden ‘aroma’ that can kind of knock you out. Plus, smelly feet are an indicator of bad hygiene and can eventually result in the growth of fungi around your toes. You don’t want that.

Here are a few steps to get rid of smelly feet easily:

1. Using Antiperspirants
Yes, it is the same thing that you use under your arms. All you have to do is spray it on your feet and then, you can have your day with your socks and shoes.

2. Blow-drying
Moisture tends to attract bacteria and fungi and this makes your feet smell a lot. So, what you need to do is blow-dry the feet so that the moisture is removed. It will also help you get rid of skin infections.

3. Foot Bath Using Black Tea
Black tea has tannic acid which can kill off bacteria that causes our feet to smell. So, use the black tea foot bath every day to keep smells away. All you have to do is add two black tea bags in two cups of water and then, boil the mixture for about fifteen minutes. Now, take out the bags and then dilute it further by adding two quarts of water. Let it cool and then, you can let your feet soak in this preparation for half an hour.

4. Foot Bath Using Epsom Salt
Epsom Salt generally acts like an astringent which helps in lowering sweat and is an anti-bacterial. To prepare the bath, all you need to do it add two cups of Epsom salt in a basin which is half-filled with water. Now, keep your feet in it for about fifteen minutes two times every day.

5. Using Benzoyl Peroxide
Fighting bacteria as well as tackling skin which has a lot of acne – Benzoyl Peroxide is a wonder compound. Apply a gel which contains 5-10% of Benzoyl Peroxide (check the label) on the bottom of the feet to get best results.

6. Foot Soak Which Tackles Smell
If you want to have a foot soak which will take care of your smelly feet then, it’s quite simple to make. Pour a cup of vinegar into a basin with lukewarm water. If you can, add the antiseptic thyme oil too which will fight off bacteria. Now, keep your feet inside the water for fifteen to twenty minutes. Keep doing this for an entire week.

7. Lavender Oil Treatment
If you don’t just want bad odor to go away but also wish to replace it with a sweet odor, then this is your kind of treatment. Just put a few drops of lavender oil on the feet and then rub it gently. It kills off bacteria and also adds a sweet smell too.

8. Powder To Get Rid Of Odors
You can always use special foot powder or talcum powder and put it on your feet before you slip them in your socks. It is going to absorb the sweat.

9. Baking Soda
If you use baking soda on your feet, then it will bring down the odor. If you continue with this treat for a couple of weeks before slipping your feet in socks, then you can say goodbye to odor.

10. Cornstarch
Apply cornstarch on your smelly feet to absorb all the moisture and eliminate bad smell fast.

With these treatments, you can bid farewell to smelly feet.

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