Thursday, February 20, 2020

This 90 Days Diet Will Help You Lose 50 Pounds

The diet we will present you with below will give a boost to your metabolism and it will help you shed those extra pounds.

With this regime, you will be certain that the pounds won’t come back. You need to dedicate yourself to the diet for 90 days, within which you can lose between 39 to 25 pounds.

Below, you can review the entire regime. Please note that the breakfast is the same during the whole dieting process.

Breakfast: You always need to eat a pair of fruit, for example you can eat 2 pears, 2 apples, 2 oranges or a handful of berries.

Make sure not to change the sequence of the days!

Protein Day
Lunch: boil, or roast some meat and make sure you don’t overdo it and eat too much. You can include a slice of bread combined with some salad. Additionally, you can eat pure soup up to 200 ml.

If you would like to avoid meat, you can boil or fry some eggs instead. If you want to include some cheese or dairy products in your lunch, make sure you lower by half the amount of meat or eggs you consume.

Dinner: the dinner is same as lunch, but half. Also you need to remove the bread and soup from your dinner regime.

Make sure you keep a record of what you eat. If your lunch consists of meat, then your dinner should consist of meat too.

There should be at least 4 hours between meals.

Starch Day
Lunch: Eat cooked beans, peas, potatoes and rice. You can prepare them with some salt, mixed vegetable spice, oregano, pepper, tomato sauce and you can also add some slice of bread and salad.

Dinner: For dinner, you can eat 3-4 cookies or some small piece of cake. You can also treat yourself with 2 scoops of ice cream and make sure you eat 1 row of dark cocoa chocolate.

Fruit Day
Both lunch and dinner should consist of fruit. You can mix up as much fruit as you want, but make sure you leave at least 2 hours between each meal.

Water day
For every 29 days’ cycle, it is important to have a water day. This means you need to consume only water. The water day comes right after fruit day and then you need to continue with the protein day. During the water day, you can also drink coffee and tea without sugar.

Once you finish the diet, you can go back to a more regular routine of eating, however you must keep fruit as breakfast, for another 90 days. If you notice you are losing more pounds in these 90 days, then you have changed your metabolism and you can repeat the diet again.

This is not a complicated diet and it won’t leave you starving. It is important to pay attention of the quantity you consume and make sure you reduce your juice intake to a minimum.  Don’t skip any food which is included in the die!

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