Friday, February 14, 2020

This finger can tell a lot about your personality? Here is how

Look at your little finger!
A look at someone’s fingers can reveal a lot about their personality. Yes, it is hard to believe that the shape of someone’s fingers will tell you a lot about their personality, but trust me you will be surprised at how true this can be. Take a look at your fingers and check the picture above and see if you are A, B or C.  You can try this little trick on friends and family as well and see how accurate the descriptions are.

Type A

  •     You are a closed person who does not share their feelings very easily. You aim to portrait yourself stronger and more independent than what you actually are.
  •     You have an emotional nature and you strive to connect with someone.
  •     If there is something that you hate the most it would be hypocrisy, lies, and dishonesty.
  •     You do not like showing emotions so that you can look cooler and stronger than you actually are.
  •     Not being very tolerant you can appear to be arrogant an eccentric at moments.
  •     You are known for having a huge heart and helping others comes naturally to you. Even if you don’t like some assignments you will finish them in a timely manner.
  •     You love a good laugh and you expressive nature can reveal a lot about what you are thinking at the moment.
  •     There are two ways you behave: cold, with people that you are not close to, and warm and emotional with those who are close to your heart.

Type B

  •     You are not known as the one who approaches first or takes actions.
  •     Devotion and loyalty are on the top of your list. Falling in love with someone for you means giving them your full attention and devotion.
  •     Even though it does not appear like that, you are a very emotional person. You don’t like talking a lot in order to prevent someone’s feelings getting hurt.
  •     Once you set a goal you fully commit to fulfilling it.
  •     You like to appear independent, but the reality is you strive to find a soulmate and a deep emotional connection.
  •     You have the ability to maintain calmness even in very difficult situations.

Type C

  •     Holding grouches is certainly not your thing and you can easily forget unpleasant situations.
  •     New and unfamiliar situations are really not your favorite.
  •     You approach with great respect towards other people’s opinions.
  •     Having a big ego; sometimes you may appear dominant to other people when having a discussion. On the other hand saying “sorry” is not an issue for you.
  •     You have a very private nature and you like to keep your troubles and emotions to yourself.
  •     You like to appear trustworthy and dependable to other people and you exactly know your likes and dislikes.


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