Monday, February 10, 2020

What Will Happen To Your Body If You Sleep Naked Tonight

If you need some particularly good reason why you should sleep naked, we bring you ten of them! Do you think that nakedness in the bed improves only sexual life?

You far from the truth! Familiarize yourself with the advantages of sleeping without clothes!
A medical reason for sleep naked is that the cooling of the body during the night decreases and levels of cortisol, which can be a cause of many health problems, from the problem with sleep to excess weight.

Much time is spent trying to hide body flaws, so that we often forget how good it felt to be naked. Night is the perfect time for forgetting the disadvantages.

Sleeping without clothes stimulates the release of growth hormone to improve the density of your bones, strengthen the immune system and strengthen internal organs.

The temperature of the body during the night will be slightly lower compared to sleeping in the clothes, which will long remain young and be more fertile.

Fifth direct contact with the skin of your partner will increase the secretion of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness.

Except secretion of oxytocin and a better sex life and your life during the day will be better and more intimate relationship with your partner.

Sleeping naked you improve your intimate health and reduce the risk of infection because your intimate area can breathe freely.

Nakedness is very useful for men.
The temperature in the testicles will remain lower, so their sperm will be healthier and higher quality, and therefore a greater chance of productiveness.

Each woman is reduced job of laundry!!!!
Sleeping naked in the summer is the only way to avoid nervousness because many times you do not know how to cool yourself.


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