Saturday, March 28, 2020

13 Ways To Stay Calm And Busy While Under Self-Quarantine

Coronavirus is spreading and many people are asked to work from home in order to protect them from the virus. Are you feeling cooped up? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.
Here are 13 tips on how to keep calm and busy while under self-quarantine:

1. Set up your workspace that you’re going to use for work only. Make sure no one from your family is bothering you while you’re on your work space.

2. Start watching yoga videos on YouTube and start exercising. Yoga will help you become more flexible while keeping you active.

3. Start your morning routine as usual. Shower, get dressed, put on some face cream or even makeup if you prefer it that way. Staying in your pyjamas all day long will only make you depressed and less productive.

4. Use the time to catch up on your reading. Grab a good book that will catch your attention and dig into it.

5. Keep a strict sleeping schedule that’s the best for you. You can easily lose track of time when you’re at home all the time.

6. Use this time wisely and start learning how to cook. This is the time to learn how to cook your favorite dish.

7. Being self-quarantine doesn’t mean that you need to turn into a vampire. Open your curtains or enjoy a short walk. Try to get as much sunshine as you can.

8. Stay connected. There are a dozen ways to stay connected with your friends. Self-quarantine doesn’t mean total isolation.

9. If you can’t enjoy nature outside, bring some nature inside. A nice, green houseplant will brighten your day and freshen the air.

10. Why not use this time to learn a new skill? Maybe learning a new language or coding? Learning a new skill will not only fill your time, but will also make you feel more productive.

11. Make your home a comforting oasis that you’ll never want to leave. If you feel comforting and relaxed in your home, you’ll never feel trapped inside.

12. Start meditating! There are a lot of aps that can help you start meditating. Meditation is incredible because it can help you with emotion regulation, memory and learning.

13. Stay positive!

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