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Find Your Silhouette And Discover Important Facts And Tips

Conventionally, the female figure can be divided into 4 types. Of course, this classification can not be called ideal and wrong, because the work of our body depends on many factors. But these 4 silhouettes are considered to be the most widespread – their features are present in most women.

Choose one of the 4 types that is most similar to yours and find out more about what it says about you and a few diet tips.

Apple (dominant – adrenal gland)

Basic features: the upper part of the body is noticeably larger than the lower. In women who have this type of body, they typically have broad shoulders, pronounced breasts, smaller buttocks and strong arms and legs. In most cases, the skin is naturally firm and not prone to cellulite. In case of accumulating extra pounds, the chest, hands and stomach first become obese.

Psychological Characteristics: Ladies with this figure usually possess strong leadership skills, make decisions very quickly and are very independent and responsible. However, there is one drawback: they have no measure of working, resting, eating, or playing sports.

Recommendations: The vegetarian diet is perfect for you. Sometimes you have to unplug and learn to enjoy simple things. The best way to maintain shape is to swim.

Rectangle (dominant gland: pituitary gland)

Basic features: narrow hips, no clear half. The arms and legs are usually not long, and the head looks larger. This type is characterized by the long half and the small rounded butt. Women with this figure are hard to lift, and when that happens, they first get fat in the stomach. Poor lymph nodes may cause swelling and dry skin.

Psychological Characteristics: Ladies with this figure are often introverted, sympathetic to art and science. They can act in isolation and imprisonment, but not because they do not want to communicate, but rather because they are self-sufficient. Sometimes, they enter the world of their thoughts for too long, forgetting about reality and everyday things.

Recommendations: Protein-based and low carbohydrate intake will suit you well. For the harmony of the soul, they should be surrounded by beautiful things. There should be as many flowers and scented candles in the house as possible. As far as exercise is concerned, they will be great for weight lifting.

Sand clock (dominant gland: thyroid gland)

Key Features: The figure is reminiscent of an hourglass. When lifting kilograms, fat usually accumulates around the abdomen and hips. The disadvantages are weak muscles and fragile bones. Problems with thin and dry skin are also possible, and they also have a tendency to cellulite.

Psychological Characteristics: These women are cheerful, active and sociable. They are very communicative. Thanks to this, they fit easily into any company.

Recommendations: In the diet you should give preference to green vegetables: lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, peas, etc., but also to dairy products with less fat. Try your best to limit products such as: fruit, bread, alcohol, caffeine. To reduce stress and stress at the end of the day, you’ll have a great shower. Group activities and dance are recommended for sports activities.

Pear (dominant ovary – ovary)

Basic features: Representatives of this type can be seen in the classic female body, with a narrow upper, rounded hips and rounded butt. The silhouette is reminiscent of a pear. Fat is mostly concentrated around the hips, and the last ones to hit the fat are the waist and abdomen. They have a fondness for cellulite.

Psychological Characteristics: These ladies are very caring, kind and sensitive. They easily fit in with new people, as if they are feeling their thoughts and difficulties. Due to the slow metabolism, some outward indifference can be noticed, but it only works because there is a real storm of emotions inside this woman.

Tips: Pay attention to fruits and vegetables, as well as to light protein. It is better to forget about oil, margarine, chocolates and pasta. For psychological comfort, you need communication. Avoid loneliness, but run away from aggressive and anxious people. Breathing and yoga will help relieve tension and accumulate positive energy. Remember that you have a slow metabolism and therefore it is necessary to do some physical activity, especially endurance exercises.

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