Friday, March 13, 2020

Here is what happens when you wrap your feet in aluminum foil

We mostly use the aluminum foil in the kitchen, where it is indispensable for cooking and for keeping food in the refrigerator. But would you have thought that the aluminum foil could also be an effective treatment for your feet?

It appears to have extraordinary effects on the muscles and legs, at least according to recent studies.

Many people in the world use aluminum foil to cover their food while it is cooked. However, you must know that experts have shown that this is extremely useful for muscle pain.

Here’s how to use aluminum foil to get rid of leg pain, which affects many people, but especially women!

Feet treatment 
Pain, especially the pain on the legs area, is very difficult to bear. In pharmacies, of course, there are treatments and creams that you can use, but when you urgently need a solution to get rid of the symptoms, it seems that the aluminum foil is the one that can save you.

You should remember, however, that this feet treatment is effective for relieving symptoms, not for curing the condition. If you suspect you have arthritis or other rheumatic diseases, you should go to a doctor and follow a prescribed treatment.

Calms the pains
Start by wrapping the painful area on your body using a medical bandage in order to support the foil. Then you have to let the aluminum foil act overnight (or while you’re resting during the day). Repeat the procedure for 10-12 days, then take a 2-week pause. If the pain persists, repeat the treatment until you feel better.

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