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One Oil That Will Stop Your Hair Fall And Grow Thick Long Hairs In Just 10 Days Time

One oil that will stop your hair fall and grow thick long hairs. Thicker, fuller and long healthy hair is the most attractive feature for females. Nevertheless, male sides also wish to have fuller and healthier hair away.

However, in the modern world, it’s very difficult to protect your hair from harmful exposures to stop your hair fall. Although one might be very careful about the hair health the environment is carrying such chemicals that will damage the hair protein and sometimes this damage non-reversible.

Among all the hair treatments used for keeping hair healthy, shiny and beautiful oiling is the best technique. Oiling not only provides nourishment to the hair but also creates a protective cover around it.

Usually, people do not use these oiling or massaging treatments as they feel it be very clingy sometimes. However, you cannot go out for an outing or attend a meeting with oil in the hair.

However, the best and the right way of oiling is to apply the oil before bed and then leave it overnight to work on. In the morning you can wash your hair as a normal day and have shiny and fresh hair.
When we talk about oiling there comes a list of oils in our mind and it becomes difficult to choose one for your hair as each oil possesses different benefits. Castor Oil is also one of the most ignored oil but the advantages of castor oil are more than any other oil.

Although the application of castor oil is a bit difficult as its thick and sticky but the benefits are marvelous. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the right way of using castor oil for massaging and hair treatments.

Castor oil massage:

Castor oil is dense oil and it becomes difficult to apply this oil directly on the hair. Therefore at first, you must dilute the castor oil with coconut oil and then apply.


  •     Take castor oil and coconut oil in equal amount and mix in a spray bottle.
  •     Now spray this oil in the roots and all hair length and massage with gentle fingers.
  •     Spread the oil evenly all over the hair strands and let it sit for as long as possible.
  •     The best time is to apply at night before bedtime otherwise you can apply it one hour before shampooing at least.
  •     Do not shampoo your hair everyday but whenever you have the day to shampoo apply this oil and you will observe vibrant changes.
  •     You can mix and safe this oil as long as you want.


  •     It removes the fizz from the hair and hair gets less tangled than usual.
  •     It provides natural shine to your hair.
  •     Castor oil and coconut oil are rich sources of vitamin E that’s an essential nutrient for hair.
  •     It elongates the hair strands by providing strength to follicles.
  •     Massaging on the scalp removes dandruff and other fungal infections.
  •     Split end and damaged dead ends get repaired and hair starts to grow again naturally.


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