Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Signs That Your Husband Has Stopped Loving You !

A man’s love is expressed in three forms: he declares his rights for you in public, protects, and takes care of you”. This is a citate from the book “Act like a Lady, think like a Man”.

But in this feminist promoting society of the 21st century, the roles change so much, as well as the meaning of the world love, care and support. But women are such creatures, that have a 6th sense to notice something’s wrong, however, not all of them. Sometimes, they are so stubborn that continue to live the dream and refuse to take the wake- up call.

Here are some psychologically most obvious signs that your partner isn’t feeling the same love about you anymore.

He is criticising your appearance – “I told you to go to the gym”, “look at those legs”, “your buttocks look giant” etc. if you have a joking style relationship with your partner, then it’s ok.

But if he’s damn serious saying things like this, I am sorry, but you don’t just need to go to the gym and release those extra pounds – you also need to release him. Perfection is not what love is all about.

Discusses your shortcomings in public – while women are more open discussing private problems, their partner’s  mistakes and shortcomings with their friends, this is not the same for men.

If he does that with your friends, or your hanging out couple friends, it’s another sign he might stopped loving you. He has stopped respecting you and  by putting an accent to you failures and shortcomings, comforts himself that it’s your mistake.

He doesn’t find your habits lovely anymore – “If your man is constantly scrutinizing every little thing you do and making negative comments about your behavior, it means that the only feeling he has left is irritation instead of love”.

I mean, sure you have some annoying habits, but didn’t he used to love them as a part of your complete personality? Holding onto something like this won’t last and it’s better for you if you figure it out as fast as possible.

He doesn’t love hearing your stories anymore – it is scientifically proven that men can’t listen to long, deep conversations and also, have an “attention span” of about 6 minutes. But if the love chemistry is present, this fact is completely untrue.

If he sees that something which is very important for you and very irrelevant for him is bothering you, a loving man would put in the effort to talk it out or hear your story. However, if the love is gone, he would tend to stop you while talking or avoid talking about that “silly subject”.

Flirtatiousness – to keep the sparkle alive, you must flirt and send s*xy SMS from time to time.  In every healthy relationship, it is normal if the both partners put in the effort to do this, or respect their opposite side’s effort and join the flirt. If he isn’t responding and acting all cold about flirting with you, that’s a very bad sign for your relationship. Talk it out in four eyes.

Jealousy – you’ve heard it so many times that jealousy is not a proof of love. But is there a woman in this world who doesn’t want her partner to get jealous from time to time?

I mean, sure, you’re his, but shouldn’t he get angry over some guy’s look in the park? If a man is completely coldblooded about the excessive attention another man gives to his lady, he no longer wants to fight for her and is willing to give her up.

Protects you from danger – even if that danger is absolutely present. A real man is caring and sometimes even overprotective of his woman. Not to forget, though we’re humans, we still have some built-in mechanisms of masculinity and femininity in our characters.

“if you do not get protection and support from a man in difficult situations, such as having to walk home alone at night, getting lost in an unfamiliar city, or getting yelled at by your boss, this is a very bad sign.”

To leave you with this final thought. Researchers from the US interviewed 1,000 married couples and found that “those husbands who often kiss and hug with their wives feel 3 times happier in a marriage than those who don’t”.  if are just not sure about how your partner is feeling at the moment and can’t clearly read all the signs, it’s better to have “the talk” and not rush into decisions. Maybe there’s something else bothering him, and a man isn’t very open about things going on in their lives as much as women are.

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