Sunday, March 1, 2020

The shape of your foot reveals what kind of a person you are!

Roman foot
Known as the most common in the world, this type of foot describes you as a person who loves to have friends and adores adventures. Generally, these people are always in the center of attention.

Peasant foot

The rectangular shape of your foot reflects a calm and calculated person who doesn’t like to always get in front of everyone else.

Greek foot

People who have a Greek foot, are known as positive, optimistic and pragmatic. However, the shape of their foot, restrains them from wearing any kind of shoes.

Elongated foot

In this case, your toe is on a lower ground than the rest of the foot. If this is you, then you are the best friend ever as you know how to keep a secret. Despite that, you can also be moody.

People who separate the little toe from others

If you are one of these people, then you are a fan of changes and challenges. Your curiosity will pull you out of boredom and monotony.

People who can’t control their small toe

This kind of people usually tend to be more static, in the sense that they hate changes and they want to be the ones in control of their lives. However, there is a good thing in all this: they know how to protect their family and offer them a warm home.

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