Sunday, March 1, 2020

Three Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Wearing High Heels

Some women pass through that time when wearing high heels is just not worth the pain anymore, despite how great your legs look in high heels and the few extra inches of height, you want to just put on those comfortable flat shoes or your sportive sneakers, if this is your attitude towards your high heel shoes, this article will help and motivate you to dumb them without any regret. Here are a few things that happen to your body when you stop wearing high heels.

1- Your Back Will Feel Much Better.

Although your high heels may be causing your butt to look wonderfully sexy, they are actually putting too much pressure on your spine and the lumbar region particularly not only that but also the muscles that balance it, women who wear high heels often for long periods are more susceptible to experience a condition called spondylolisthesis which causes one vertebra to slip forward over another leading to pain and possible nerve damage, but when you take off your high heels your spine will quickly correct itself and you will have no more back pain.

2- You Will Actually Get Taller.

High heels may be making you look Taller than you are but when you get rid of them and wear your comfortable flat shoes you may actually get taller, women who wear high heel habitually usually have shorter calf muscles, they walk for long time with their feet pointed forward which cause their heel ( your real heels the ones on your feet) to push back up towards the ankle which prevent it from stretching to its natural length, the thing that makes this area actually shorter than it is supposed to be, with walking more often in flat supporting shoes you can get your calves back to their natural look.

3- No More Painful Knees.

When you wear high heels what happens in that, the center of your balance shifts more forward which results in extra unneeded pressure on the tendons and ligaments in your knees, the thing that leads to knee pain that may even prevent you from being able to exercise or accomplish normal daily tasks, when you ditch your high heels that problem will disappear on its own within a short time.

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