Wednesday, April 8, 2020

8 Exercises That Every 40 Year Old Woman Should Do

After a certain age, your body abilities start diminishing. Your strength and agility fall and you fail to do almost everything that your body was more than able to perform when you were young. This is when you need to realize that your party lifestyle isn’t going to work anymore. So what do you do? You take care of yourself properly, through meditation, exercises and a proper diet.

Here are 8 exercises that every woman above the age of 40 can do:

Tai Chi
It helps in relaxing the mind and also allowing your body to contort through various movements. You should do it almost regularly, without fail.

One of those exercises that don’t require any special equipment to help you with. Simply find an empty space and burn out those glutes and thighs. It also helps in proper blood flow.

Instead of a treadmill, invest in an elliptical. You will be able to do your cardio too and not completely burn yourself out.

Another great exercise for the legs.Simply find an empty space and work out those legs. There are many variations, so find the one that suits you best.

Since centuries, Yoga has been trusted for holisticwellbeing. Surf YouTube, sign up for yoga classes, and do every asana you can find. At the end of the day, you will feel complete, and satisfied with yourself.

Leg Lifts
An exercise for the lower abdomen, leg lifts not only help with legs but also help in forming that tight belly you see models have. Do these with increasing regularity and increase the difficulty as you progress.

The best exercise for the core and the spine. Doing this will help you get proper alignment of both and that would help you as you get old. Start small, and then increase your time.

No one is asking you to lift up 100 kgs. A 2 pound dumbbell curl can work wonders too. And as the years go by, you need that strength.

Do these 8 exercises religiously, and you would find yourself being the change you only imagined one could be.

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