Wednesday, May 13, 2020

11 bizarre home remedies our grandparents used that actually work!

Next time you feel an earache, indigestion, or motion sickness, try your hand at these bizarre remedies. As odd as they seem, they actually do work!

1. Lemons for Earache

Amazingly, squeezing some lemon juice on the ear bud and popping it into the ear for a minute helps relieve earache.  It works by stabilizing the pH levels in the ears and making them feel as good as new.

2. Dried Apricots for Indigestion

Being high in dietary fiber, dried apricots help the stomach digest food and thus prevent bloating.  So, the next time you feel bad after a heavy meal, simply snack on a handful of apricots.

3. Olives for Motion Sickness

Olives are packed with tannins, compounds which help inhibit the production of too much saliva, which makes you feel ill or sick.  So, make sure you take some tasty, juicy olives with you on your next car journey!

4. Raisins for Arthritis

Simply soak a few raisins overnight in a couple of spoonfuls of gin.  Don’t worry about getting drunk, though.  The vitamins from the raisins combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of the juniper berries used to make gin work wonders for easing pain and reducing swelling.

5. Celery

for Bad Breath

Celery is the answer for bad breath according to many grandmas and grandpas! Instead of spending money on gym, simply snack on celery and the bad breath will vanish in a matter of seconds!

6. Nettles Cure Hair Loss

The beneficial effects of nettle for hair loss are actually backed up by science, so don’t hesitate about using it at all! It contains protein, magnesium, calcium, beta-carotene, phosphorus, iron, and various vitamins, all of which stimulate hair growth and promote hair maintenance.  All you have to do is to prepare a nettle tea and enjoy!

7. Yams for Menopause

Yams are very similar to sweet potatoes, so make sure you don’t confuse them. Yams are darker in color and have quite thicker skin.  What makes them beneficial for menopausal women is their vitamin A and vitamin C content which balances out hormones while the high dietary fiber content lowers cholesterol.

8. Baking Soda for a Urinary Tract Infection

Add some baking soda to a glass of water and your UTI symptoms will disappear in a matter of minutes.  Baking soda combats the infection and creates alkaline environment in the bladder, which in turn prevent bacteria from multiplying.

9. Potatoes for Spider Bites

Raw potatoes are packed with anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties, which is what you actually need in case of a spider bite.  All you have to do is to wrap a raw, sliced potato in thin cloth and rub it onto the affected area.

10. Duct Tape for Warts

Cut a piece of duct tape which fits the size of the wart and leave it on for six days. After six days, remove the tape and soak the area in water.  The wart will disappear within six days since the duct tape suffocates the skin virus.

11. Jelly for Caluses

Mix some Red Vines with a little petroleum jelly to smooth the rough patches.  What makes them effective are their estrogen-like ingredients.


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