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Alarming signs that may indicate the presence of cancer in your body

Early detection of symptoms is the best way to treat and cure a difficult disease, even cancer. However, some of these symptoms may be common, so they are mostly ignored, so if you show these symptoms you should do some more detailed medical investigations to completely eliminate the suspicion of having this ruthless disease.

If you notice how the kilograms melt, even though you have not made any changes in nutrition, this is an early sign of colon cancer, which affects the body’s appetite and ability to eliminate ‘waste’.


Common infections are symptoms of leukemia, which shows that blood begins to produce abnormal amounts of white blood cells, so the body can no longer effectively fight infections. In addition, leukemia has symptoms similar to colds, such as persistent fever.


Although physical pain can have multiple causes, persistent headaches can be an early sign of brain cancer, while back pain can signal ovarian or rectal cancer.

Permanent cough

Several types of cancer, including leukemia and lung cancer, have persistent cough or bronchitis. If the cough does not give up and is accompanied by chest pain, consult a specialist doctor urgently.

Chronic fatigue

If you always feel tired, but this condition does not go beyond what you do and as much as you rest, it is best to consult a doctor. Fatigue can have several causes, and it is best to identify them.

Difficulty in swallowing

This is a common symptom associated with cervical cancer or one of the early signs of lung cancer.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes

Altered lymph nodes indicate changes in the lymphatic system, including a possible symptom of cancer. The appearance of lymph nodes in the armpit area can often indicate breast cancer, while nodules in the neck area may be signs of leukemia.

The appearance of bruises

The appearance of bruises without a cause can indicate abnormal activity of red blood cells, which is one of the symptoms of leukemia. The appearance of bruising in strange places (fingers, palms) or red spots on the face or neck are signs that should not be ignored.

Rectal bleeding

One of the early symptoms of colon cancer is the presence of blood in the faeces. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice this problem.

The appearance of the nails

This may be one of the early symptoms of skin cancer – brown / black lines and spots on the surface of the nails. Also, pale or white nails indicate that the liver is not functioning properly.

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