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How To Choose Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Cups

After reading this anti-cellulite vacuum cups review, you will be ready to start your treatment right away. Receive a spa-like massage in your own home any time you want.

Chinese suction cups have become more and more popular in the last few years. They are one of the most requested spa treatments to get rid of toxins in your body.

China was the first place in the world that used this kind of therapy by using glass cups and fire to create a vacuum inside of it. A lot of effective anti-cellulite programs include this method to get the perfect looking skin.

The vacuum created by the glass cups on your body help to promote the blood circulation and removes any impurity in your skin.

It is a method that has been spread around the world nowadays. You should definitely try it out. Anti-cellulite cupping has given great results to a lot of women.

Studies show that not even dry brushing massage delivers quick results as cupping.

The only downside to using this treatment is that people with sensitive skin might show red rings on their bodies after they finish the therapy. Don’t worry, they will go away by themselves in a couple of days.

Recommended Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Cup Review

You should totally try this Cupping Therapy Set if you are interested in cupping therapy. It is a box including 5 different silicone cups to use in any part of your body.

What I love about these vacuum cups is that you do not need a pump or fire to make them work. They can create a vacuum by themselves just by releasing air pressure. That makes these Chinese massage cups safe to use at home at any moment you want.

Here is a chart on how to use them:

  1. Place the vacuum cup in the desired area of your body. Pick a size so there are no open spaces on the sides of the cup.
  2. Press on the top of the cellulite cup. This will remove the air inside of it and create the vacuum we want to remove toxins.
  3. Release the cup. You will see your skin rising inside of the cup. Do not worry this is perfectly normal.
  4. Remove the cup by lifting from one side. After five minutes you will have finished your therapy.
  5. Wash your silicone cups after you are done with the treatment.
  6. You can also use the cups to help your body to heal from pain, detoxify your body and improve your skin by cleaning it from the inside out.
  7. Just make sure to use the largest size that will fit in the part of your body you are treating.

Sometimes people wonder how often to use suction cups for cellulite; the truth is that you can’t do this treatment as routinary as body brushing or lotion massaging.

You need to give your body a couple of days to heal the impurities removed. Wait at least a week after the first cupping treatment or you can also try to do a different part of the body for the rest of the week.

This will help you see where you can get the most benefits from the cupping therapy.

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