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11 Basic Female Hygiene Tips Every Lady Should Know

Ladies, let’s talk personal hygiene…
Lack of personal hygiene is a huge turn off. There’s no excuse to gallivant around with a smelly coochie. It’s obvious that most of us know that we are required to shower on a daily. Still, sometimes, we may not be aware of some of the basic female hygiene tips that we are required to observe as women to make sure our cookie smells and stays healthy. BTW, speaking of smells, your vagina is not supposed to smell like rose flowers, it has its natural smell and that’s totally normal. You should get alarmed though when the discharge changes color and has an odour, and you should definitely visit a doctor in that case.

1. Wear cotton undies.
Also, avoid wearing very tight clothing such as tight jeans to allow air to circulate to and from your vagina.

2. Do not sleep in underwear.
If you’re worried about wetness, you can sleep in those cute airy silk bedtime shorts and a t-shirt, without underwear. It’s important to allow your cookie to breathe.

3. This is an obvious one,
after you’ve done a number two in the loo always wipe from front to back, to avoid transferring germs from your waste into your vagina.

4. If you use wet wipes, use baby wipes, as they’re mostly non-scented and alcohol free.

5. Always, always pee after sex.

I know there are days we are just too lazy after sex and just want to roll over and sleep but as a woman, it’s good to force yourself to pee after sex so as to prevent UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection).

6. You’re what you eat. But also, you smell and taste like what you eat.
Go easy on the booze, coffee, wine, smoking habits etc., Instead, incorporate healthier diets into you meal plan. Many ladies say that taking pineapples helps make the taste of the coochie better. Also, try taking cranberry juice as it’s said to help flush out toxins from the body.

7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
Water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps flux out toxins.

8. If you’re on birth control,
do speak to your gynecologist to advise you on the best birth control plans so as to prevent infections and other side effects such as dryness of the vagina.

9. Speaking of dry vaginas, you could try using a vaginal moisturizer or lube while having sex.
You could also consider trying out probiotics which are basically good bacteria meant to help your body. Think of it as a supplement. This is a good option especially for ladies who constantly get yeast infections.

10. While shaving your pubic hair, go for options such as waxing to prevent ingrowths.
While shaving is considered hygienic, especially cause of sweating and when on your periods it can be messy, some people are against shaving too much. Pubic hair is usually meant to prevent foreign things from entering the vagina. In addition, not shaving promotes the body’s naturally occurring fauna which prevents the growth of adverse bacteria. In my opinion, you can shave but every now and then, let that ‘afro’ just be for some time. Especially when you’re not getting any action.

11. When on your period, if you use tampons, never leave them in there for over 8 hours. In fact, you should remove it after 6 hours.
Failure to remove it can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome, a life-threatening complication of certain types of bacteria infections, mostly associated with tampons.

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