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How To Recognize and Treat the 15 Most Common Bug Bites

  A bug bite on any part of the body can be a nasty experience especially if you don’t have any information about what kind of bug has left you with that red, trembling mark on your skin. A bug bite is not something for which people panic. Most bug bites and bites from normal insects don’t cause any harm and heal quickly. But sometimes these bites and stings from insects like spiders, ants, bees, and Hornets cause pain and serious allergic issues.

A bite from an insect isn't always harmless and improper treatment may cause life threating infections. So it’s better to know what kind of insect has bitten you as prevention is the greatest medicine. The mark of an insect bite depends on what type of insect bit you. Identifying these marks on time can save your life. But in any case, if you feel serious itching or redness even from a mosquito bite, don’t forget to consult a doctor. Here are some bug bites with pictures that will help you in recognizing what type of insect bit you.

Mosquito bite

Directly after a mosquito bites us, a round and swollen bump appears on our skin. In some cases, you can notice a tiny dot in the middle of it. You may get multiple bites simultaneously which can cause intense itching. If you have a weak immune system, swelling and redness may appear on the spot. Children experience stronger reactions than adults. You can treat the mosquito bite by applying an ice pack on the area or washing it with warm water. Tell your children not to scratch the area around the bite. If you notice any reaction like a headache, fever or body aches, contact your doctor.

Tick bites

Ticks are found in grass, trees, and shrubs etc. Tick bites often doesn’t cause any harm but it can leave visible marks. A tick bite causes redness, pain and swelling instantly. However, a tick bite if not treated well can cause allergic reactions and they do pass on disease to human and animals. The very first thing to do when you find a tick bite is to remove it carefully. See your doctor as soon as possible to find out if there is any infection.

Fire ant bites

These are small aggressive red and black ants which leave the person with a painful bite. A bite of a fire ant is a medical emergency. It leaves the skin with swollen red spots that grow a blister on top. It can cause a dangerous allergic infection in some people resulting in swelling, difficulty in breathing and itching. If you get bitten by a fire ant, see your doctor as soon as possible.


When a bee stings you, it can cause a lot of pain and affect the entire body. After they pierce the skin, they cannot pull their stinger back and that is the reason they end up dying. Remove the stinger immediately to prevent the poison from entering the body. A bee sting causes many symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea or dizziness. Clean the area with soap and water and if you get any allergies from a bee sting, consult your doctor to take necessary action.

Flea bites

Flea bites are usually located in bunches on the feet and lower legs. You'll find a red bump covered by a red halo causing itchiness. These symptoms can be noticed immediately after being bitten. In rare cases, a person can develop allergic reactions. There is the chance you can get a creepy disease from the bacteria and viruses, transmitted from fleas. There is nothing to do about flea bites but if you experience any problems, see a doctor, see a doctor.


Telling a difference between a wasp and hornet is difficult but it's easy to find out if you get bitten by a hornet. A sting from a hornet turns the area red and it gets swollen too. In many cases, blisters also appear on the skin. You can apply an ice pack around the area to reduce the swelling and pain. But if you experience other things like blue skin, immediately consult a doctor.


A bite from a wasp is painful but they sting humans very rarely. Their sting leaves the spot super itchy with redness and swelling. The bitten area will be a little wider from the bite of a mosquito. You can clearly see where in the skin it has penetrated you. In many cases, it leaves no signs of allergy and also the pain and swelling reduce in some hours. Consult the doctor if you find other symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

Red ant

This very tiny creature has the power to leave you in lots of pain. Most of the ants are not dangerous and the only thing they do is annoy you. But if you see a red ant roaming on your body immediately swipe it off. Their bite releases a toxin that causes allergic reactions. The area will become pink and swollen. It’s similar to a flea bite but the difference is, the bite of a red ant causes instant pain.


Lice are found mostly in your hair but it can develop in other hairy parts of the body too. The bite of lice causes an unbearable itching which leaves the skin with small red spots. Lice are found in girls more often than boys. Nothing serious happens with the bite of lice. It can be treated easily with safe and toxic free chemicals which are readily available.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a synonym of a headache. If you have bed bugs in the house then definitely you’ve to get rid of them. The bites of bed bugs are often mistaken with mosquito bites but these bites are different. They are found in a zigzag form. The symptoms include redness, and swelling in the affected area. Don’t scratch the affected areas, it can result in infection and bleeding.


The Horse-fly has a creepy bite and you’ll definitely feel it after getting bitten. The bite of a horse fly develops as a large red mark with swelling which often causes blisters. The bite can be very painful and in some rare cases, it can leave infections as well. Apply an ice pack to the affected area to get relief from the pain. In case of any other symptoms like dizziness and pain, consult a doctor.

Brown recluse spider

The Brown recluse spider usually doesn’t bite. They bite when they find themselves trapped on your skin. Their bite doesn’t cause instant pain. You’ll feel the pain after few a hours and then it’ll pain a lot. It creates redness around the skin and leaves a purple ring looking like a bull’s eye. It’s important to get a treatment from this type of spider bite because if not, it’ll give you pain, redness, fever or blisters.


It is caused by mites that hide under the upper layers of skin. It causes itching and in most cases, it is difficult to treat. Itching is the most common symptom and it worsens during the night. Other symptoms include blisters, pink pumped skin, red and scaly patches or grey lines along with red bumps. It can be treated with medicines prescribed by doctors.

Black widow spider

These spiders can be recognized easily. They are black, shiny and plump with a red mark on their abdomen. These spiders are usually not dangerous but their stings can cause some serious symptoms. The area around the bite will become red and swollen. More serious symptoms appear within 1 hour of the bite, if you get bitten by a black widow spider, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Fly bites

A fly bite causes itchy and painful rashes that are the result of an inflammatory reaction. Though it is harmless, it can cause some allergic reactions to some people. The itching can be treated by an oatmeal bath and Aloe Vera but it’s better to see a doctor in case of severe itching and pain.


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